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About Our Business


WHO IS WORLD OF GAIA?  Wonderful tumbled stones, crystals and mineral specimens, inspirational art, metaphysical tools, jewelry, animal totems and animal art, and jewelry making supplies are the specialty of our business.  We currently have a store front in Oroville, Washington.  Also, our bulk stone products are available though our eBay store, World of Gaia, and Amazon. See

World of Gaia is owned by Gems of Gaia, a company established in 1988 by Cecilia Ray.  The parent company was the founder and previous owner of Vision Quest Educational Center and Bookstore, a retail store offering classes and services in Everett, Washington.  In 2003 Cecilia and her husband founded Gaia's World, a wholesale herb company now located in Georgia.  In addition, Gems of Gaia created Mystical Winds with the purchase of Friends Psychic Fairs, a company that presents and promotes Psychic and Holistic Fairs and other events.  Kevin Walder and Todd Olsen purchased the Event Promotion business in fall of 2011 then sold it to new management.

World of Gaia purchased a building and opened a retail store in Oroville, Washington named World of Gaia.  The online store and the eBay store called World of Gaia operate in that location as well.  Come visit our retail store at 1404 Main St, Oroville, WA.

Cecilia at the Emerald Spiral Expo

Our Goals

To provide a variety of quality crystals, stone specimens, and tumbled stones.

To honor the animal world by creating and selling animal art, jewelry and gift items.

To educate people on the qualities and attributes of the mineral and animal kingdoms.

World of Gaia * Owned by Gems of Gaia * 1402 Main Street * Oroville, WA * USA * 98844

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