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Visually Inspired

 The beginning---  Enter the world of the Visually Inspired.  Feel the colors wrap themselves around you and permeate your being as you read on...

My ever-evolvoing journey started as an elementary teacher with a strong interest in understanding the brain processes, human motivation and environmental influences.  As time moved forward it lead me to the fields of spirituality, self-discovery, philosophy, metaphysics and art.  In 1995 I opened Vision Quest Educationa Center and Bookstore in Everet, Washington.   For nine years provided classes and materials to help others learn more about themselves.

 Fast forward to now---  Many years later, in Oroville, Washington, my husband and I own World of Gaia, Rocks, Gifts and Gallery.  Inspired by years of study and the magic of stones my creativity turned to photography intended to inspire, motivate, and touch the soul.  I brings me joy to share these photographys and visual art with others.  I hope they will inspire you as well. 

The artist at work.

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